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Winner's Cup


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Black Cat 02:29
Hungry for the self, fear is down in your bones. Threats and debts in the back of your head and a fear of being alone. Open mouth full of hell, open hands repent. There's something I can see in you like light stripped of its shell. There, it's something I can smell on you, it's in your eyes. It's in your gaze, it's something I've never felt but I think you've come to hate. What you hate adds up to a lot. What hurts you? What's in your core and what pulls down in you? Counting dreams in the air. Seeing heat in your hands. Feeling it in your bones, it's in your eyes. It's in your breathe and then it's something I can never see. Something in your eyes and in your gaze, something I've never felt but something you've come to hate, and it's real - I can feel what is left from where you've come from, is what is left even good for you? Is what you are even good for you?
Chop 02:47
Is there a gash in your stomach? Will your cells repair the damage quick enough? Where are you going? Where are you from? There's a giant hand out to protect you, but only if you don't stop it and educate yourself. Why don't you stop it and fucking learn something? Burn down their walls; turn tenure to resin. Everyone drop everything. This is for me and you and everything that you love. Love each other equally, treat each other as you would treat yourself. Come on, when did you learn this stuff? Back when you used to pray? Back when I used to pray with you? Back when they used to tell you things, and now all you want to do is forget. And I can't help, unless you help or try.
Depognog 03:38
Try to remember to forget again... What you said, what you said when you were talking and what did it mean? What did it mean to me? Look up to remember to forget again. What you said, that we could never go back ten thousand years ago or so - just like we learned: we can't go back. Pull the switch and go back agin, again, again. Try to figure out how to go back in time ten thousand years or so. Feed the collective consciousness lies again. Die, over and over and over again. Just like before. I've lost my mind. Try to remember to go back in time again. Just like before. Back, back, back in time.
The sun moves across the ecliptic plane, and I can't stop to remember why I put things in my brain. She moves with no regard to space-time: Across the sky and across my mind. Feels like we could go anywhere indoors, and I just don't want you to leave. Were you talking to me? Just like the butterflies move in all directions at the same time. She moves to quick to be seen. Without regard for the speed of light, she picks up on all vibrations. Just like the dragonflies change flight in all directions at the same time. We are three dimensional beings. Leave behind the idea that time is a line. If you try to put on someone else's shoes, you can experience life. With you, I have grown to be comfortable with death. I'm waiting for a friend, I am waiting for death's blanket. Not that it matters anyway.
I want Wolfvision. In my heart and in my eyes is where I feel you the most, come to me. Like little tiny trees making up my entire existence, it's like a feeling, a burning, or a needle that goes through your skin. These things are more attainable than emotion. Like I know what you're telling me, you're telling me how it feels to be alone and be okay with it, and I promise, I'm worth it. It's like when you walk in the room, you don't give me the time of day. As if everything that I said meant nothing. You know what you did. Come to me. These things are more attainable than emotion. I will have WOLFVISION in my eyes and in my heart. It is attainable.
The lips that you sold could not have been your own. Put your hands in the air; big money, big words per minute. Stung: straight through the chest. Stung: never getting rest. The glass ceiling that you touch as you lay on your back won't hold for much longer.
Working Man 03:40


released April 24, 2016

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Michael Briggs at Civil Recording in Feb. 2016

Artwork by Tim Curley, Esquire


all rights reserved






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